How to choose sabong in sabong international

How to choose sabong always receives support and compliance because of its accuracy, which brings high efficiency and a relatively high probability of success. The strength of the rooster greatly influences the outcome of future fights. Once a suitable rooster is chosen, nurturing and training them also become easier. Below is a complete summary of sabong international for everyone to easily apply.

Some methods for ” How to choose sabong”

How to choose sabong in sabong international
How to choose sabong in sabong international

Choosing a rooster is an art that anyone who wants to succeed in raising gamecocks should master. Everyone knows that determining a rooster’s strength when they are still young is difficult. Therefore, the method of choosing roosters should follow specific procedures to achieve the best accuracy.

Choosing based on physique

Appearance is the first factor that people are concerned about and can identify. An overview of a gamecock often shows many characteristics related to the balance of physique. For example, people often pay attention to beautiful scaled feet, strong muscles, brave and deep eyes, and the position of parts like the neck, legs, and wings.

The rooster’s posture is also an important factor, showing dignity, confidence, authority, as well as fighting ability and passion. A way to choose a rooster through its head often considers characteristics such as a narrowed skull, high cheeks, protruding eyes to demonstrate high and keen vision. The rooster’s eyes should be bright and deep-set, with small pupils, and especially red or yellow eyes.

Regarding the wings, this is an important part because they must be flexible during fights. People can check the strength of the wings by holding the rooster horizontally against the chest and letting it fly freely. If the rooster can flap its wings, that is certainly a good gamecock.

Observing the foot scales

In choosing gamecocks, observing the color of the foot scales is very important. Roosters with white-black or yellow-green feet are often preferred because they are usually good gamecocks. Foot scales are considered an important part to identify the quality of a rooster.

People need to observe whether the rooster has good scales or not. Types of scales such as heaven-sent scales, phoenix scales, devil’s five scales, and earth-covered scales are often signs of a good gamecock.

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Recognizing through crowing

Recognizing through crowing
Recognizing through crowing

The crowing sound is also an important indicator to assess the quality of gamecocks. Roosters with loud, clear crowing often demonstrate their reliability in fights. People usually practice breathing and striking exercises with roosters to check their crowing sound.

Choosing based on sleeping posture

The sleeping posture of roosters is also a crucial indicator of their character and quality. Some gamecocks have a normal appearance but a very peculiar sleeping posture, known as “death-like” roosters, and they are often talented ones.

Skills of the rooster

Skills also play a significant role in choosing roosters. Some important skills include deep leg-loading skills, bomb-dropping skills, stuffed feather-grabbing skills, and knowing how to resist when losing a fight.

Important notes when ” How to choose sabong “

After understanding how to choose gamecocks, raising them becomes easier. However, some important notes include:

  • Choosing roosters from reputable sources and selecting suitable import locations.
  • Taking full care of roosters with vaccination, keeping their living area clean, and ensuring they live in a safe and clean environment.
  • Managing a balanced diet and exercise regime for optimal rooster development.
  • Providing a large living space suitable for their active nature.
  • Supplying essential nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and minerals for roosters.
  • Actively training combat and survival skills for roosters.


In conclusion, choosing gamecocks is a complex process that requires attention, patience, and experience. The article has introduced some methods for selecting roosters based on factors such as physique, foot scales, crowing sound, sleeping posture, and combat skills. Additionally, important notes on caring for and nurturing roosters have been discussed. Hopefully, this article will help you understand the process of choosing gamecocks and succeed in nurturing them.

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